Features Of The Ethernet

This is a standard communications methodology that comes embedded in different hardware and software devices. Such protocol comes of use to build a local area network or LAN. The initial technology was founded in 1973 by Bob Metcalfe and with the joint efforts of Digital, Intel and Xerox; DIX Ethernet has become a standard model based on which LANs are configured worldwide. 

Ethernet and LAN setup

A hardwired LAN setup usually comprises of a network interface card that is found in every computer on the LAN, Ethernet cable such as SFP+ transceiver that connects to every computer, networking software and a networking switch or hub that helps to direct traffic across a network. A network interface card is installed on every computer which in turn assigns a unique address to it. The Ethernet cable helps connect every NIC to the hub or the central switch. The hub or switch acts as a relay for handling traffic. It also helps to direct and receive packets of data that are shared across a LAN. The networking setup that is created helps to set up an effective communication system. That allows for sharing of resources or data connected with different devices like scanners, fax machines and printers.

Wireless networks

Often network hubs are straddled with wireless options such as with SFP+ SR transceivers. These allow two way communications to happen, which requires a wireless hub or switch. In place of Ethernet ports such a network comprises of switches, hubs and wireless NICs which include a small antenna. Such networks offer more flexibility though extra care is required so that security is not compromised.

Get the right expertise

If you wish to set up a wireless LAN network, it is best that you get experienced network professionals to setup and configure the same. There are several aspects that need careful consideration such as the components that are used to create a secure network, ensuring speed with the right components and cabling options as well as ensuring that networking software is rightly configured in the connected devices. With several choices in the market, the right setup for optimal speed and security is vital. If you wish to source network components at a reasonable rate, there are commercial suppliers who can be contacted through online directories. You can take your pick among registered and certified vendors who can offer you the best hardware components along with technical expertise. That will also enable you to get expertise and supplies at your convenience without having to explore the local computer or hardware supplies stores.