A Bouquet With A Difference

Flowers are a special form of gift from nature which always tend to melt our hearts at the sight of them. It has taken a special place in each and every one of our hearts. This why we love to take a walk in gardens and love to visit parks and botanical gardens. Children love to pick these and play with them. Or they like to take it to school and fill it in a vase.

We provide you all types of flora for any occasion. Be it on a special day or just for no reason at all, we got it for you. You can any kinds of flower online, which is available in our catalogue. You can have a view of this by vising our website. Don’t forget to have a peek in our Facebook page too which has the latest updates and promos posted in it.

We do delivery anywhere in the city for absolutely free of charge. If you need to deliver it to somewhere out of the city, we do that too for a very reasonable amount. You can book your order to be delivered on a particular date and time and we can guarantee it to be delivered right on the clock. This is why many depend on us for speedy delivery of their floral arrangements.

You can order a valentine’s day flower HK, roses, gardenias or any other kind we have for you. We can do special orders which are customized upon your request. The bouquets can be arrange in a manner depicting the version in the catalogue or you can create your own arrangement. We can provide you only the flora if you prefer it that way. We give you the chance to make a choice with regard to this.

All flora are freshly picked from our very own gardens which we care take in the best possible way. Thereafter we store these under apt conditions which can be seen in the freshness our products maintain. We guarantee you the freshness of all our flowers and can provide replacements if anything wrong happens from our side. Such is the loyalty we have towards our customers. We have joined hands with leading event planners and have decided to cater a wide range of occasions along with them. You can look forward to some new products in the near future. Our creativity goes beyond borders as we strive to achieve the best while keeping the natural form to the best possible extent. Thus, our creation are unmatched by any other.

Ways To Make Money By Having A Floral Shop

With the increase of competition in the florist industry, it seems really hard to stand out in the crowd and have your customers be faithful; to you at all costs. So we are going to help you stand out by showing you ways on how to make profit with a shop.

  • You will have to charge for everything. No more “giving away free!” You need to add up everything in order to make profit, even the ones that your customers add to their bouquet saying to make it look a bit nicer. Even the glue and the form and the tape has to be charged. And keep in mind that time is money, so don’t give your time to someone for free. You’ll need to make the design cost according to your cost of living, supplier prices and more, not just based on the creativity and the work force.
    • Without going for your favorite wholesale supplier, shop around and research on other suppliers and their pricing. Check out standing orders to have the cost of the popular/ trending flowers North Shore cut down. You will notice that, you can price your work for a profitable amount once you know your prices on the floral beforehand. You may not know this, but wholesale dealers also gives out a good pricing for their good customers, so try to become one. Pay your bills on time, make sure to be loyal to them and keep them updated with feedbacks so they can become a good service provider.
      • Check out your wire service statements and the cost for the floral designs including the blooms, see if you are making a profit and if these orders are worth everything.
        • Yeah you own a flower shop, but it would be smart to have items like candles, home decorations, sweets and sold in your shop to add profit. Make sure you advertise about them on your website as well. See if you can reach out to local artists and maybe get their paintings displayed as well. Visit this link https://www.petalandpod.com.au/collections/all-products for more info on flower shop  North Shore.
          • Give your shop more exposure, try having a floral design class at your place. This is actually a fin class and many women find them fun. They are inexpensive yes, but it is again an extra cost for you to work on.
            • Another way is by the way you reach your customer. While customer care is a must to have your customers with you for a long period of time, you need to try things like upselling as well/ for example, if a customer buys a flower bouquet with a card for their lover, try asking them for anything else in a more of a suggestion manner like, “would you like a box of chocolate with that?”. This will give you a goof profit as well.

It’s not impossible to stand out yeah? Follow these tips and you will find yourself gaining more profit.

What You Should Be Telling Your Mom Everyday

The little things are mom’s do for us may go unnoticed most of the times. But it is when such things are not done, do we realize the value and worthiness of it. Take this mother’s day, to show your mom how much you appreciate all that she has done for. Use some of these tips to help yourself out.

You are beautiful

No women would ever get tired of hearing these simple words, yet they seem to never take these words to their hearts nor truly believe it. Your mom does so much for you, and while taking care of you takes half the time in her life, she might even not prioritize her own needs before yours. And such simple words would surely mean much more to her than any other mother’s day gift ideas Australia. So be sure to let her know that she is beautiful every single day in her life!

A simple thank you

“Thank you mom for helping me be me”, such simple words would definitely bring tears of joy to any mom. It is these simple words that conveys everything you want to tell her while also showing the amount of love and care you have for her… so thank your mom for every little thing she does for you. It would mean more than any hampers online.

Talk and talk

Nothing like a heartfelt talk with your mom. Unlike with others, you can trust your mom to not judge you or take sides. She would not only be able to give you the best advice, but she would also listen to your endless rants about anything and everything. So feel free to talk to your mom, no matter how old you might be.


Let’s be real, we have all yelled at our moms, thrown tantrums and done all sorts of things possibly imaginable. Yet, she was always patient with you and let you go through all these phases without yelling back at you unnecessarily. So be the grown adult and apologize for all of that tantrums and arguments. Your mom would have forgiven you ages ago; nonetheless it is more meaningful when you directly say it out to her. It shows you regret all the nonsense you have done and that you truly care…

I love you

Your mom is one of a kind. She’ll always be on your side no matter what. She’s been there for you when you first scraped your knees riding a bike, she’s been there for you when you had your first heartbreak. And she would be the only one who would understand you. So let your mom know that you love her. If you are not the mushy type, then show it from your actions…

Love your mom with all your heart and show it to her, every single day of your life. And someday you’d be sure to receive the same treatment from your child as well!