Application Of Oxygen In Chemical Manufacturing Plants

Oxygen can be used for several applications, even in its purest form, including titanium dioxide and ethylene oxide. At times, it is also used for increasing the production capacity of oxidation processes. Some of the processes which require oxygen are direct oxygen injection, oxygen-enhanced combustion and VOC treatment and recovery. 

A reliable oxygen gas cylinder can readily reduce the emissions and also assist in saving fuel while manufacturing any chemical. By adding just a little bit of oxygen to the combustion process, the productivity of a chemical process heater can be increased significantly. This also works towards saving fuel, without having to increase NOx emissions. Through research, scientists have found that oxygen can be used in numerous combustion applications even at industrial levels. Also, it is a cost-effective solution and does not affect the environment in a negative manner, therefore it can be used by specialists, in budget. Again, it can be used for all chemicals to match their manufacturing goals. Oxygen-enhanced combustion is a process which has been used in a variety of process heaters, be it petroleum liquid heater or steam-methane reformer. 

With gas cylinder oxygen, you can readily introduce a low cost solution in your business as it allows one to increase their chemical manufacturing flexibility. It also reduces the harmful emissions since oxygen is directly injected into reactors. Since, oxygen is supplied where it is needed; it increases productivity and at the same time reduces the formation of by-products. These by-products are generally formed in the areas of the reactor where there is a lack of oxygen for the creation of the final product. Some of the chemical manufacturing processes which require injection of oxygen are caprolactam, maleic anhydride, nitric acid and acrylonitrile. Not only does direct injection increase the uniform distribution of oxygen, but also supports oxygen mass transfer, which significantly increases chemical manufacturing productivity with air enrichment. 

Some of the oxygen based technologies rely on factors of spent acid recovery plants are: 

• Design and structure of down-streaming equipment

• Composition of fuel used

• Spent acid

By adding oxygen-enhanced combustion to the process, which already has air-fuel heating process, the heat release patterns receive support. And this in turn results in uniform distribution of temperature along with more chemicals and longer run lengths. Oxygen also assists in overcoming the restrictions on the productivity of the heater, which is caused owing to the flow rate of exhaust and capacity limitations of the fuel system. With this low-cost technology, introduction of oxygen assists in increasing the quantity of carbon monoxide or hydrogen, which are created in a steam methane reformer.

The Internet And Us

The internet has become an integral part of our lives. We get most of our work done through the internet from posting letters (or emails), shopping for groceries, keeping touch with our loved ones (through skype), nailing down business deals, reading our daily newspaper, finding cooking recipes for dinner, booking flights and hotel rooms, educating ourselves and our children, watching the latest movies, listening to songs, channeling e-doctors and the list goes on.

There is so much you can get done from the internet. It’s fast easy and more than anything convenient. Like for an example if you want a saucepan, hair extension, a packet of cinnamon tea or a wall clock all you have to do is log on to the internet.

If you want to buy time piece online you just type it on the search engine and lo behold! All you need and so much more than you imagined will appear on the screen and it’s a matter of patience where you have to browse through hundreds and thousands of options merely sitting there in front of your laptop. See this page for more information about this clocks online for easy ways that provide a different time piece.

It connects us in a way like never before where even revolutions can be ignited around the world by a mere tweet or youtube video. Our bank details, biometrics, and our medical histories are all stored and can be accessed through the internet.

But have we stopped to wonder how much this influence has changed us? How much we have started depending on the internet to function on a daily basis? Not just us but our children also depend on it thoroughly. The moment the WiFi at home start getting slow we act like someone stepped on our toes and run around trying to fix it. If the WiFi is down we don’t know what to do with our free time and panic until we get it fixed at whatever cost. Children spend hours on social media chatting with virtual friends that they have never met. They don’t even know the kid next door but have around thousand friends on facebook. They also spend time glued to the video games online and don’t even get up from the chair for hours at a stretch.

We parents are not with clean hands here also. We spend hours on video conferencing for work and chatting with distant friends. We forget to interact with our children even during meal times and are glued to our smart phones. Internet has brought the world together but drawn the family apart. The world is at our finger tips while the family is slowly fading from our grasp.