Cliché Presents To Avoid When Shopping For Family

The closer we are to somebody, the slacker we become with presents and this is not just for small things like appreciation notes and the occasional flower; we even forget big ticket items like holidays and anniversaries. When we finally do remember, we rush into a mall and grab the first thing that catches our eye. More often than not, these things are the most clichéd items on the racks. Here is a DO NOT DO guide to shopping for presents for your family.

Shopping for Dad

Unless you are below the age of 10, you have no excuse buying ties, tie pins or socks for the old man. When looking for birthday gifts for him, stay clear of the clothes section. Instead, go down the book rack. Even if he is not a big reader, there may be something that he might like. If not that, go pick up something that is related to his hobby. He might be into fishing, or gardening or cooking, so get him some fancy equipment that can help with that. If nothing comes to your mind, buy him a subscription to a magazine or a massage parlour.

Shopping for Mom

Moms always get short shrift because somehow everyone expects moms to be satisfied with whatever they manage, even if it’s just a peck on the cheek. If you are looking for birthday gifts for her do not get her yet another functional thing that can “make her life easier” because mothers constantly get electronic slicers, dicers, blenders and all kinds of new gadgets that are supposed to take the load off them. However, many women no longer confine themselves to household duties, nor do they appreciate getting something on a special day that reminds them of “duties.” Instead, get them something extravagant and luxurious such as a candlelit dinner or a spa day.

Shopping For a Brother

Gag gifts are not a good idea because his friends would do that anyways. Instead, take the effort to observe him for a few days and get him something related to whatever he’s interested in these days. If it’s girls, then get him some expensive perfume. If it’s sports, get him equipment or a subscription to a magazine. Do not get him something for school or something for work because the whole point of a present is to distract from life.

Shopping for a Sister

Do not buy anything pink unless you know for sure that pink is their favourite colour. Chances are that pink is not something they like. Avoid clothes and make up because finding sizes and shades can be tough and it is embarrassing to the receiver to go in and change their products. Instead, get them a gift voucher so that they can get whatever they need.